NEO Program


7AF NEO Program


The safety of dependents and civilian employees is a top priority for the 7 AF Commander who encourages all non-combatants to participate in both evacuation exercises Courageous Channel and Focus Passage annually.  The purpose of these exercises is to provide an opportunity to enhance a non-combatant’s understanding of 7th AF’s evacuation procedures and build confidence in personal preparations in the event an evacuation becomes necessary.


Upon arrival to Korea it is recommended that all non-combatants contact their assigned NEO warden and unit’s Key Spouse to assist them with their preparations.


Below references are provided to guide and inform the development of a personal evacuation plan and should be discussed with your assigned NEO warden.


Link to attached docs

- NEO101
- USFK 600-300
- Mask training Adult/Child
- NEO Pet
- Fillable NEO Binder