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  • 80 years later: why it’s still nice to be a numbered Air Force

    Seventh Air Force lineage traces back to November 1, 1940, when the Hawaiian Air Force activated.  These air forces were the very personnel and planes attacked at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on December 7, 1941, marking U.S. entry into WWII.  Shortly after, on February 5, 1942, the U.S. Army Air Corps

  • Positive force of doubt

    What is the nature of doubt and does it serve a useful purpose? Perhaps the purpose can be seen as it drives behavior to action rather than inaction. A few years ago I found myself doubting the Enlisted Corps' ability to provide development and mentoring. I was a new master sergeant and had just

  • Honoring veterans past, present this Veterans Day

    To the men and women of Pacific Air Forces and to veterans across the services, I offer my sincere gratitude and appreciation for your dedicated service. As you know, this Wednesday commemorates a significant date in our nation's history, a day in 1918 where a signed armistice marked an end to World

  • Military member faces resilience reality

    She wasn't supposed to die.  It was the duty of the military member to face danger and possibly water the tree of freedom, right?  It was supposed to be child birth, complete with laughter, joy and celebration at welcoming a new family member. What it became was a nightmare education that began by

  • New COMPACAF shares focus, commitment to Airmen

    Last month, I was presented the greatest opportunity of my Air Force career -- I became commander of Pacific Air Forces.I want to tell you how honored and humbled I feel to be here. Standing in front of our Pacific Airmen and accepting the PACAF flag from General Welsh was an incredible experience,

  • We stand against human trafficking

    Last week I released an order that prohibits Airmen assigned or attached permanently, on temporary duty, or on rotational duty to Seventh Air Force from providing money or anything of value to an employee or establishment in the Republic of Korea for the primary purpose of obtaining an employee's

  • Korean War: General Douglas MacArthur Is Relieved

    As you know from your previous reading, our forces in early 1951 were regrouping after the December 1950 Chinese intervention and the untimely death of General Walker, Commander of the Eighth Army. The new commander of the Eighth Army was Lieutenant General Matthew Ridgeway, a hard-nosed commander

  • Face to face communication

    Today, I received and reviewed, with great concern, the alarmingly high Air Force suicide rates for FY12. As of 27 Mar we have had 30 suicides for the year compared to 23 at this same time last year. You may be thinking, "Chief, why are you telling me this?" I would respond that I believe one of the

  • Noble Lie or Noble Life?

    An essential core value of the U.S. Air Force is service before self. Easy to say, hard to do. We, as Airmen serving our country, define this core value simply by stating our oath: " and defend the Constitution of the United States..." But we go further and so do our families. The varied