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  • Honorable discharge: Are you working on it?

    What?! Is this guy kidding? He's asking us what we're doing to work toward an honorable discharge? That just seems so terminal, why would anyone be thinking about getting discharged, already? OK, OK, let me explain myself here. Of course we all start our Air Force careers by raising our right hand. After that, we train, train, train and work, work,
  • Thanks for all you do

    As the 607th Air Intelligence Group commander, it's not always easy to keep people focused on the mission and to maintain morale. Sometimes in the monotony of day-to-day operations, exercises and taskings, we lose our focus and forget the value of what we do for our nation. Without this larger perspective, the task becomes the focus -- not where it
  • Adaptation is key to happiness, success

     Trudging up the steep hill, the cold winter air burning my lungs, I fought with my web belt, shifted my helmet and wiped the sweat from my brow. It was January and the snow had just melted at Osan, yet I was losing fluids just by walking to work in my "battle rattle" and chemical warfare defense ensemble. "What am I doing here?" I thought. I had
  • Lasting Heritage to Limitless Horizons

    Sixty years ago--President Harry Truman set the wheels in motion that directed the establishment of the United States Air Force. It was a move that broke tradition. It was move that changed military culture. And, it was a move that put airpower in its proper place--as the preeminent purveyor of the high ground in fighting America's wars. Airpower
  • Taking care of our people and our home

    One of the most difficult tasks we have as military professionals is to reinforce in our Airmen that Osan is our home, and the people on the installation are our family. Even though Osan is treated as a deployed-in-place location and a remote, as Airmen we all have a responsibility to be good wingmen, to take care of our facilities and the
  • Military Justice

    "Discipline is the soul of an army. It makes small numbers formidable, procures success to the weak, and esteem to all." - George Washington I recently read an article in the local paper about the Pat Tillman fratricide and the military's need for a scapegoat over handling of that incident. In that article, it referred to "military" and "justice"
  • Fourth of July

    The FOURTH of JULY...even saying it out loud makes me feel good and smile! The Middle of the Summer...baseball....hotdogs...ice cream...maybe a Parade or a round of Golf...BUT always ending with FIREWORKS! Yes, the Misawa Airmen will remind me of the sea fog and fireworks sometimes pushed off to Labor Day...but you'll be thinking of FIREWORKS!
  • We are called Airmen

    What do we call a person who drives trucks in the Marines, regardless of rank or position? No, this isn't a joke. You call them a Marine. Every Marine is trained and ready to perform as a member or leader of a rifle platoon. What do we call a food service specialist in the Army? This isn't a joke or a trick question either. You call them a Soldier.
  • Safety is important year-round

    As the summer approaches and the Air Force gears up for the "101 Critical Days of Summer," it made me think about "Safety Culture." We put a great deal of emphasis on the summer based on the statistics and the increased risks to our Airmen during this period of the year, but we must not forget that safety should receive the same attention all year
  • CSAF: Warriors of the sky

    The January 2007 Chinese test of an Anti-Satellite weapon and the doubling of Russia's defense outlays should remind the American people that the world remains a dangerous place--quite outside the ongoing Global War on Terror and the battlegrounds of Iraq and Afghanistan. An arch of instability literally spans the globe from Latin America, through