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  • Noble Lie or Noble Life?

    An essential core value of the U.S. Air Force is service before self. Easy to say, hard to do. We, as Airmen serving our country, define this core value simply by stating our oath: " and defend the Constitution of the United States..." But we go further and so do our families. The varied

  • Airpower at the Battle of Chipyong-ni

    As we commemorate the 60th anniversary of the outbreak of the Korean War, one of the important battles that will be remembered is the Battle of Chipyong-ni in February 1951 which was a critical fight that helped blunt the Chinese Fourth Offensive. In early 1951, following the initial success of

  • Maintaining the human weapons system

    It all started during a staff meeting when I was at Elmendorf Air Force Base, Alaska. Seeing a major I didn't know, I introduced myself. In reply she spoke a sentence that still echoes in my mind. "Hello Chief, I'm Maj. Jennifer Halter, I am a crew chief on the human weapons system," she said.

  • Key principles to help you win in 2010

    Like many of you, I enjoyed the college football bowl games that occurred over the past week. Each team that competed had a winning season, and you can believe that none of them became successful by accident. The coaches and staff of these teams did more than hope for success; as a wise man once

  • General North Addresses Pacific Airmen

    Fellow Airmen, I am grateful to return to Pacific Air Forces and for the opportunity to once again serve alongside many friends, partners and allies in this vast and important region. It has been my privilege to serve among America's finest Airmen throughout the region and alongside our counterparts

  • AFAF - Taking care of our own

    I am most proud of the priority we place on taking care of our fellow Airmen and their families. A great example of taking care of our own is the Air Force Assistance Fund (AFAF) annual fundraising effort. Through the AFAF, the Air Force Village Foundation, Air Force Aid Society, LeMay Foundation

  • Why do we have Chief's and First sergeants?

    The other day while a member of a first sergeants panel was at the First Term Airman's Center, an Airman asked, "Why do squadrons have both chiefs & first sergeants?" Hopefully, I can give you enough understanding to clear up any questions. First, let's take a look at leadership. Air Force Pamphlet

  • Plan early for financial security

    "If you wait for perfect conditions, you'll never get anything done" (Eccl 11:4). If you haven't set some goals for this year, it is not too late ... go for it ... today. Report card time--are you making the days count or are you just counting the days? Have you made progress on the personal and

  • What it takes to be a leader in today’s Air Force

    The Air Force structure that we operate within today is in a constant state of transformation. In the 90s, we operated under a Total Quality Management concept. Now, we operate while keeping the Air Force Transformation Flight Plan in mind. The AF Transformation Flight Plan serves as a guide for AF