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  • God!

    I was hoping the title would get your attention. This is your chaplain speaking (writing actually), not God; I simply represent him, as do all Air Force chaplains. If you're still reading this, thank you. I won't take much of your time, as your time is so valuable, and here at Osan you don't often

  • Commander's Risk Management

    You've heard a lot about Operational Risk Management and maybe even Personal Risk Management, but what about Commander's Risk Management? As a commander of a unit that suffered two non-combat related deaths in two months, I certainly learned a lot about my unit during that stressful time, but I also

  • Bring discipline back to the force

    We have a discipline problem in our own back yard ... right here on the Korean Peninsula. Pick up a copy of Stars and Stripes or any one of our base papers to see some of our problems in the headlines. Go to any installation gate on a Friday night and you will see more that will open your eyes. Some

  • What impact are you making?

    How long have you been at Osan? How much longer do you have until you depart Osan? Ask most people these questions and they know the answers without hesitation -- they roll off the tongue as if spring-loaded. But rather than focusing on the quantity of time at Osan, I want you to consider the

  • Flight lead: the right decision

    When members of our team set out to have a good time, we have all been encouraged to be good wingmen and take care of each other. The wingman concept has become part of our culture and is certainly helping us look out for our teammates. Another concept you have heard about since arriving here at

  • Success so much more than three words

    Gen. Douglas MacArthur once said, "Duty, Honor, Country ... those three hallowed words reverently dictate what you ought to be, what you can be." We in the United States Air Force live these three words and have a heritage that depends on the exceptional contributions of Airmen to shape and

  • Combat medics and safety

    Wing Safety days are a key way for members of the 51st Fighter Wing to focus on and practice good safety procedures. The combat medics of the 51st Medical Group share in this preparation for "Safe Ops," but they also routinely participate in a type of safety training not required of most Mustangs --

  • Making a difference

    When I arrived to my second duty assignment in May 1993 as an Airman 1st Class, I didn't make the trip alone. Sitting in the trunk of my newly purchased 1986 Pontiac Grand Am were several boxes of finished and unfinished artwork - or more precisely, ceramics. As a 22-year-old Airman with a basic pay

  • VoIP deal reached with LG DACOM

    On June 22, 2006, LG DACOM Corporation advised the Army and Air Force Exchange Service that SamSung Rental and Telecommunications planned to block Voice over Internet Protocol calls made by our Servicemembers if they were using VoIP services that were provided by companies that were not registered