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  • U.S. supports Seoul International Aerospace and Defense Exhibition 2021

    SEOUL AIR BASE, Republic of Korea -- The Republic of Korea hosted the Seoul International Aerospace and Defense Exhibition (Seoul ADEX) at Seoul Air Base October 19 to 24.Seoul ADEX 21 is the largest, most comprehensive event of its kind in Northeast Asia. It attracts aviation and aerospace

  • Space planning essential to battle success

    "Space, the final frontier," means a lot to people in different careers, but is the vast blackness filled with mesmerizing intergalactic-lights important to today's warfighter?According to Air Force Capt. Jamil Brown, the 607th Air Operations Center chief of space plans, space is a newer concept to

  • Key Resolve civil engineers support everything from start to end

    In a nondescript room in the bottom of a random building, sits a group of men and women coordinating engineering requirements for military personnel.The civil engineers working for the Seventh Air Force installations and mission support during exercise Key Resolve 2015 strive to ensure all Republic

  • ROKAF Simulation Center executes KR15

    OSAN AIR BASE, Republic of Korea -- Attacks, counter-attacks, bombs, rescues, evacuations, and logistics are all elements of conflict, which is prepared for and fought all over the world. For the participants of Key Resolve these actions and other important elements of combat come through a buzzing

  • LRS keeps KR14 rolling

    At a street corner, Airmen, Marines, Sailors, and Soldiers wait patiently. Their eyes pan the horizon in search of a familiar sight. Some shift they're feet, while others twiddle their thumbs and adjust their hats all while waiting. They stiffen and turn their heads at the same time as a familiar

  • Translating mission success

    Whether in exercise or during normal operations, the 7th Air Force Air Component Command plans and coordination directorate translates and transcribes key messages between the Republic of Korea and U.S. Air Forces at Osan Air Base.  In communicating those messages, ROK and U.S. translators were

  • A1 supports Key Resolve '14

    OSAN AIR BASE, Republic of Korea - The 7th Air Force A1 Section at Osan Air Base provides manpower, services and personnel support during contingency operations."In the A1, we are responsible for the lodging and food services for all of our deployed personnel and augmentees," said Air Force Lt. Col.

  • Native American Heritage Month: Maj. Gen. Clarence L. Tinker

    Historian's Note: The month of November is designated annually in the United States by presidential proclamation as National Native American Heritage Month. In celebration of the 2013 observance of National Native American Heritage Month, the Seventh Air Force History Office recognizes Maj. Gen.

  • 7th Air Force coordinates, directs base defense training

    Ensuring the defense of the peninsula is the top priority for the Republic of Korea and U.S. Alliance, and the force protection cell at the 7th Air Force Air Component Command supports that priority by providing situational awareness to defenders throughout South Korea during Exercise Key Resolve.

  • Translators bridge language, culture gap

    For the 7th Air Force Air Component Command plans and coordination directorate, communicating key messages between Republic of Korea and U.S. service members is important during daily operations at Osan Air Base. In communicating those messages, ROK and U.S. translators bridge the gap between both