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U.S. supports Seoul International Aerospace and Defense Exhibition 2021

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Nicole Molignano
  • Seventh Air Force Public Affairs

SEOUL AIR BASE, Republic of Korea -- The Republic of Korea hosted the Seoul International Aerospace and Defense Exhibition (Seoul ADEX) at Seoul Air Base October 19 to 24.

Seoul ADEX 21 is the largest, most comprehensive event of its kind in Northeast Asia. It attracts aviation and aerospace professionals, key military personnel and general aviation enthusiasts from around the world. The biennial event showcases an indoor and outdoor exhibition of aircraft, ground equipment, presents seminars, flying static displays and demo-flights. Republic of Korea President Moon Jae-in, flew into the welcoming ceremony in a FA-50 fighter jet paired with a message of peace.

“We need the power to protect and establish peace, now more than ever,” said Moon. “For this, we desperately need to secure the capability of a strong and independent aerospace industry.”

This was his first attendance at the event in four years as the Republic of Korea seeks to foster its domestic defense within the aerospace industries.

“The will of the Korean government is to contribute to the national defense capabilities of its partnering countries and to world peace,” said Moon.

The United States was honored to participate in Seoul ADEX 21 and is committed to the ironclad alliance and partnership it has with ROK forces.

“The alliance between the United States and Republic of Korea has secured peace and helped promote democracy for more than six decades,” said Lt. Gen. Ken Wilsbach, Pacific Air Forces commander. “We have a partnership unlike any other and showcasing America’s Airpower at this year’s Seoul ADEX is a tribute to our continued pledge to promote peace, stability and prosperity on the Korean peninsula.”

The U.S. participates in events like Seoul ADEX to demonstrate its focus on regional security and stability on the Korean Peninsula and throughout the Indo-Pacific region.

Sixteen U.S. aircraft represented by the Air Force, Army, Marines and Navy were all in attendance to support the ADEX including helicopters, drones and fighter jets. The newest service, the U.S. Space Force, also participated in the Aerospace Symposium. The symposium reflected on space development around the world and drew on future space capabilities becoming available through civilian and military cooperation.

Rounding out events was the host nation’s flying demonstration; the Black Eagles. The Korean aerobatic team was comprised of eight T-50B Golden Eagles that flew in tight highly-skilled formations, and performed about 30 high-speed maneuvers each demonstration.