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  • Our Earth: What can we do?

    (Editor's note: Jasmen Johnson is the winner of the Osan American High School Earth Day essay contest. She's in 11th grade and is the daughter of Chief Warrant Officers Gary and Phadre Johnson from Camp Humphreys.) Over the last decade we have managed to accelerate the destruction of our earth. From air and water pollution to global warming, the
  • Ending child abuse: Get instructions

    You may be familiar with the adage, "Kids don't come with instructions." Each day with a child is a new experience. Step-by-step directions for raising children would certainly be handy; however, there is no instruction manual that could adequately detail the unique qualities and needs of all children. Even in families with twins or triplets, each
  • The way of the Airman warrior

    Throughout history, warriors have served and died for king and country; and they did so following a code. For the samurai, it was bushido; for knights, chivalry; the musketeers, "all for one and one for all." The greatest warriors throughout history understood the concept of serving something bigger than themselves and adhering to their respective
  • Ending child abuse: Know thyself

    April is designated by the Department of Defense as The Month of the Military Child and is also National Child Abuse Prevention Month. This is a time when we all need to acknowledge the special place that the children of military families should have in all of our hearts. Unfortunately, child abuse is present in the military as well as the civilian
  • Preventing sexual assaults

    Ever since I was a teenager I have read true crime books. I have read numerous stories about killers and rapists who committed hideous crimes against men and women. Since most of the books I have read are stories about women who were abducted by a stranger, raped and then killed, I naturally assumed the biggest threat of getting raped was from a
  • Can't beat pen to paper

    When you deploy to the desert or get a remote assignment like Osan, there are some things you start getting in order. Besides training gear, immunizations, wills and financial affairs, one of the things you think about is how you are going to keep in touch with family and handle the separation. Technology helps a lot of us handle this separation.
  • Translating AF core values into action

    The Operational Readiness Inspection is less than 30 days away. Even though we're part of 7th Air Force, the 621st Air Control Squadron is going to be inspected along with the Osan Mustangs and the Wolfpack at Kunsan. We're all going to get a chance to show the PACAF inspector general how good we are at our jobs. In fact, an ORI is a perfect
  • God!

    I was hoping the title would get your attention. This is your chaplain speaking (writing actually), not God; I simply represent him, as do all Air Force chaplains. If you're still reading this, thank you. I won't take much of your time, as your time is so valuable, and here at Osan you don't often have enough of it to enjoy as you please. Yes, God
  • Commander's Risk Management

    You've heard a lot about Operational Risk Management and maybe even Personal Risk Management, but what about Commander's Risk Management? As a commander of a unit that suffered two non-combat related deaths in two months, I certainly learned a lot about my unit during that stressful time, but I also learned a lot about my Airmen ... things I didn't
  • Bring discipline back to the force

    We have a discipline problem in our own back yard ... right here on the Korean Peninsula. Pick up a copy of Stars and Stripes or any one of our base papers to see some of our problems in the headlines. Go to any installation gate on a Friday night and you will see more that will open your eyes. Some elements within the American military in Korea