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USFK Extends Curfew Suspension for an additional 90 Days


United States Forces Korea extended the USFK-wide curfew suspension for servicemembers for an additional 90 days from September 17 to December 17.

The original curfew suspension assessment, imposed from June 17 to September 17, focused on servicemember behavior, morale, and readiness factors.

The curfew suspension extension serves as an additional period to assess the appropriateness of maintaining a USFK-wide curfew, the above three focus areas, and an opportunity for USFK uniformed personnel to demonstrate their ability to maintain good order and discipline, at all times and under all conditions.

After reviewing statistical analysis and receiving recommendations for the initial 90 day curfew suspension period from component level commands, the commander decided to continue the curfew suspension evaluation period for another 90 days.

“After consultation with USFK component commanders and input from Command Sergeant Major Tagalicud, I decided to extend the curfew suspension for an additional 90 days,” said Gen. Robert B. “Abe” Abrams, United States Forces Korea Commander. “The vast majority of our personnel have conducted themselves appropriately, but I felt it was important to implement an additional 90 days to ensure we are making the correct decision regarding the curfew.”

At the end of this evaluation period, the USFK Commander will determine whether to maintain or rescind the off-installation curfew based on a number of factors including servicemember behavior, morale, and readiness factors.

Each servicemember maintains a personal responsibility to act in accordance with USFK regulations, standards of conduct and Korean Law at all times. These actions will serve as a demonstration to the ROK people that we will safeguard the vital relationships while maintaining the ironclad Alliance.

“Your service here is professionally and personally rewarding, and we are all responsible for our on and off-post conduct - every minute, every hour, every day, anywhere in Korea. We are ambassadors of USFK, the United States and the US-RoK Alliance to the Korean people,” said Abrams. “Our professional behavior is equally important off-duty as it is on-duty.”