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554th RED HORSE doubles Wolf Pack Contingency Capacity

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Steven M. Adkins
  • 8th Fighter Wing Public Affairs

Kunsan Air Base has new, and fully-functional latrines, washers and dryers stood-up at the installations contingency housing center, aka, Wolf Pack Park, as of Sept 21, 2021. 

This new facility was made possible thanks to a team from the 554th Rapid Engineering Deployable Heavy Operations Repair Squadron Engineers, or RED HORSE, from Andersen Air Base, Guam, who arrived at Kunsan March 13, 2021. 

Accepting follow-on forces being a critical component of the 8th Fighter Wing mission, Wolf Pack Park is essential to the smooth transition and acclimation of any forces received, should they be deployed. 
“This job was to build a latrine and laundry facility, which was doubling the capacity for Wolf Pack Park to support temporary duty and contingency units, from 240 persons to nearly 500,” said U.S. Navy Lt. Martin Miller, 554th RED HORSE Squadron Project Engineer. 

Differing from other civil engineer squadrons, RED HORSE squadrons around the U.S. Air Force specialize in cradle-to-grave engineering, heavy equipment and expedient facility construction. 

Members of the 554th RED HORSE Squadron came to Kunsan Air Base as a mobile contingency engineering force to build the new structure.

“There’s been a total of 26 people who have had hands on this project,” said U.S. Air Force Master Sgt. Troy Agustin, 554th RED HORSE Squadron Project Manager.

Those 26 individuals were able to complete the project in approximately six months; much-needed expedience for this one-year duty station, and bustling training hub. 

“This building will significantly improve the stay for service members stationed here at Kunsan temporarily by bringing in a new laundry and latrine facility with new equipment that is fully functional right now,” Miller said.

The partnership between the 554th RED HORSE Squadron and the local 8th Civil Engineer Squadron drove the project’s completion.  The combination of the technical and trade experts on both teams ensured electric, plumbing, and structural stability. 

“Thanks to everybody that supported us on Kunsan AB, whether it was the 8th CES or the 411th Contracting Support Brigade, they all helped to make this job possible,” Miller said. 

Now back at Andersen Air Base, the 554th RED HORSE has bridged the 8th Fighter Wing’s ability to fight tonight.