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Air Force top brass hosts virtual all-call

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Rachelle Morris
  • Seventh Air Force Public Affairs

Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Charles Q. Brown Jr. and Chief Master Sgt. of the Air Force JoAnne S. Bass hosted a virtual all-call February 4 for members of the Seventh Air Force stationed across the Republic of Korea.

Attendees included the 51st Fighter Wing, Osan Air Base, the 8th Fighter Wing, Kunsan Air Base, and remote tenant units throughout Korea. The pair made several attempts to visit the peninsula in-person, however COVID mitigations made it unfeasible.

This was their first all-call with 7th AF members since they took their seats in August 2020. Hundreds of members attended the one hour event.

Brown immediately addressed the global security environment calling the last month the most dynamic time he has seen in a number of years.

“We have a lot of things on our plate, not only as a nation, but as a world, when it comes to how things might play out” he said. “It is something we have to be ready for as military members when called upon to execute.”

Thanks to the FY22 National Authorization Act, signed in December, the Air force is retiring old aircraft and introducing new aircraft as well as new Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance, cyber, global mobility and global strike capabilities.

Another step, mentioned by Brown, to modernize the service’s culture was the rewrite of Air Force Doctrine document one which concentrates on mission command. It was recently downsized from 100 to 16 pages making it more digestible.

“Mission command is delegating down to the lowest capable and competent level and trusting empowered Airmen to do the jobs they have been trained to do,” Brown said. “I trust you. As leaders, we need to provide you intent, we need to advocate for you and we need to get out of your way to let you get the job done.”

Bass also hit on the current global climate citing her earlier career and how the U.S. once had near-peer competitors that are today just peer competitors.

“In the 90s we focused on being strong on air, land and sea,” she said. “Now we are focused on making sure we are strong on air, land, sea, space, cyber and information. We just can’t lose in any of things.”

She added that regardless of how fast our competitors might be modernizing, the one completive advantage that they do not have is the people piece.

The session rounded-out with the recognition of several outstanding Airmen and Q&A where topics such as dress and appearance, COVID, performance reports and artificial intelligence were broached. 

“Hopefully we shared something with you today that will resonate with you and help you with what you are doing at your locations,” Brown said. “We wish we would have had the opportunity to be there with you in person. We couldn’t be prouder of you and the work that you are doing.”

Bass echoed his sentiment.

“I appreciate every single thing that you are doing especially at a time like this,” she said. “Leadership is easy when nothing is going on, but we have been going through two years or more of COVID, our fair share of challenges when it comes to budget and the things that are going on globally, yet why I remain encouraged and full of faith is because of the work that you do. So, thank you.”