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Wolf Pack University builds a foundation for resilience

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Shannon Braaten
  • 8th Fighter Wing Public Affairs

KUNSAN AIR BASE, ROK – Maintaining a high operations tempo on a remote tour, without the comfort and support of family, can be difficult for some. In order to manage the well-oiled machine that is Kunsan, it remains essential for Airmen to stay connected, resilient and motivated; not just for the mission, but for themselves. Wolf Pack University (WPU) helps Airmen build the foundation for this resilience by offering opportunities in self-development and networking.

WPU is a command sponsored program that provides members of the Wolf Pack quality experiences in a variety of different areas while focusing on the four Comprehensive Airman Fitness domains: physical, mental, social and spiritual.

“No one is immune to issues, problems, loneliness, separation anxiety or all of the other things that come with doing a remote assignment,” said Master Sgt. Jonathan Taylor, 8th Fighter Wing Command Post command and control operations superintendent and assistant dean of students for WPU. “WPU helps you connect with other people when you don’t know anyone. It develops your ability to cope with this assignment, helps you grow personally, professionally and gives you a network to tap into to develop every part of yourself.”

The program offers four tracks for participants to complete: Airman, Wingman, Leader and Warrior. Each track consists of 10 credits rated in the mental, social, physical or spiritual domains. These credits are attained by finishing professional development courses and cultural opportunities offered by base agencies. Upon completion of any track, students submit their information to an advisor for a quality check and are recognized for their accomplishment.

“No other base has something like this because [Kunsan] has a different kind of culture,” added Technical Sgt. Zachary Sweigart, 8th Maintenance Squadron resource advisor. “Everywhere else, you have a vehicle or another mode of transportation and when the weekends hit, everybody just kind of splits.”

Everybody needs to have something to help them get the most out of their year at Kunsan, and if Airmen are out exploring different things throughout the year, they may find out they really enjoyed something they never thought they would, added Sweigart.

“Resilience is not just about bouncing back from something but more about making it through something, whether it's minor or major,” added Taylor. “The future of the Air Force, society, world, wars, etc. are changing at a rate we have never seen before, so our Airmen must be ready to endure. The more resilient the foundation they create the better they will be to tackle future problems — both personal and professional.”

As students attend more events and courses they put more tools in their tool box so when they are faced with a physical, spiritual, social or mental challenge they have a variety of resources they can utilize to make it through and maybe even be better at the end of it, said Taylor.

“Anyone and everyone can make time to complete at least one track,” said Taylor. “The worst that will happen is that you will develop a few resiliency skills, probably explore South Korea, make a new friend, and get out of your dorm room.”

To find out more more about Wolf Pack University, please visit the WPU sharepoint here :