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  • Program lets Airmen speak their minds

    A group of Airmen and civilians are being invited to become the Air Force's Internal Communication Assessment Group. Senior Air Force leaders want to know Airmen's interests, opinions and preferences on receiving Air Force information. Group members will receive quick monthly surveys, which will provide leaders with feedback, influencing decisions
  • Weapons safety: It's everyone's responsibility

    Guns don't kill people -- people with guns kill people. A firearm is defined by Webster's Dictionary as "a weapon from which a shot is discharged by gunpowder -- usually used of small arms." These weapons are designed to do one thing and one thing only. They are not for digging snow away from a HMMWV tire and they are not for resting when you get
  • Running doesn't have to be so hard

    Almost everyone I've met in the Air Force dreads the running part of the physical fitness test, and yet the Air Force places the greatest weight on the running portion of the test. I assume the powers that be value physical endurance and a thin waistline above bulging biceps and six-pack. But why do people dread running? Well, it's hard! But it
  • Air Force fosters "warrior ethos" in all Airmen

    Whether it's the recent changes to basic military training, continual preparation for deployments, engaging in combat or new and better uniforms, Air Force leaders are instilling a warrior mindset in Airmen. That warrior ethos -- the foundation of what it means to be an Airman -- traces its roots to the era when the Air Force first became an
  • Education: Airmen's 'most powerful weapon'

    If knowledge is power, as the old saying goes, then the Air Force is creating some mighty warriors indeed. With education benefits ranging from tuition assistance to free CLEP and DANTES testing, Airmen here and across the world can change their lives through learning. "Education can make you a better-rounded person, a better citizen," said Kathren
  • Personnel Records Readiness: Are you protecting your family?

    Safeguarding important papers is something we all have been taught to do. Some of us lock them in a box underneath the bed; others store them in a safety deposit box, or tuck them away in a 'secret' coffee can. Whatever the method, we know these papers must be kept safe. But what is the point in securing these papers if they don't protect your
  • Osan Officers' Club best in Air Force

    It doesn't matter what it is, whether it's a promotion party, a wedding or lunch, the Osan Officers' Club does it right. Its because of this, the club received awards in customer service and recognition as the best officers' club in the Air Force for 2006. "Since the club was built 20 years ago, this is the first time it has been named best in the
  • Osan to kick off AFAF campaign

    Osan will once again get a chance to give back to the Air Force family when the 2007 Air Force Assistance Fund Campaign begins March 23. The AFAF campaign is an annual, on-the-job fund raising appeal conducted among Air Force personnel for the benefit of Air Force personnel. AFAF contributions provide financial support to four affiliates: the Air
  • Congratulations to Osan's lieutenant colonel selects

    Congratulations to the following majors who have been selected for promotion to lieutenant colonel. - John Born, 51st Fighter Wing - Jon Counsell, 7th Air Force - Gregory Gagnon, 607th Air Intelligence Squadron - Pedro Gonzalez, Det 1, 3rd ROK Liaison Office - Daniel Lasica, 607th Air Operations group - Steven Martinez, 607th Air Support Squadron -