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  • E-Pubs migrate to Air Force Public Web

    Whether you are a warfighter in Iraq or a retired Airman in Nebraska, accessing Air Force forms or publications is now easier than ever due to a centralized Web site that began Aug. 24. The Air Force Departmental Publishing Office, or e-Pubs, officially migrated under the Air Force Public Web program and is now accessible at
  • Guam ANG supports 'Total Force,' other services during annual Korean exercise

    When weary U.S. servicemembers depart their 12 to 16- hour flight from Incheon International Airport in Seoul, and begin their duffle bag drag here, the last thing they want is a hassle. The 254th Services Flight Airmen of the Guam Air National Guard remove those hassles by greeting military personnel here supporting Ulchi Focus Lens '07 as if they
  • Air Force officials announce 2008 force-shaping plans

    Air Force officials recently announced plans to meet the 2008 fiscal year end-strength of 328,600, which calls for a force reduction of about 5,400 officers and enlisted members through normal attrition, retirement or force-shaping measures. The reductions are in line with Air Force efforts to balance the force and recapitalize and modernize aging
  • Deployed servicemembers experience Korean culture up close

    Clanging, banging and thumping were the sounds of this air base's tent city Aug. 20 as deployed U.S. servicemembers experienced traditional Korean culture. Airmen, Soldiers, Sailors and Marines deployed here in support of Ulchi Focus Lens 2007 got a first-hand feel for traditional Korean attire and entertainment through the Republic of Korea air
  • SERE training to be required for all Airmen

    Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. T. Michael Moseley met Aug. 10 at the Pentagon with several Air Force leaders to discuss the road ahead for survival, evasion, resistance and escape training. Air Force leaders plan to broaden the focus of SERE training for all Airmen due to the threat of isolation and capture for Airmen supporting the war on
  • Air Force fitness test now pass, fail

    Air Force officials here recently announced a change to physical fitness test standards for all Airmen. The "marginal" category has been eliminated, and the test will now be either pass or fail. Previously, Airmen who scored below 70 on the fitness test failed, and those who scored between 70 and 74.9 received a marginal rating, while Airmen who
  • Former AF Weapons School commandant shares experiences with ROKAF members

    The 8th Fighter Wing commander and former Air Force Weapons School commandant recently shared his experiences with members of the Republic of Korea Air Force here. Colonel CQ "Wolf" Brown, was invited by the ROKAF's 38th Fighter Group to share his experience as the commandant of the school and his impressions about the U.S. Air Force's advanced