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  • New Pentagon Channel show helps troops get 'Fit for Duty'

    Hosts of a new show coming to the Pentagon Channel want to make troops hurt, sweat and push them to their limits, but most of all the new show aims to ensure members of the U.S. military are "Fit for Duty." "Fitness is as much a part of the military as the uniform," said retired Master Sgt. Jim Langdon, who serves as the Pentagon Channel's director
  • Forty-sixth Wolf takes command

    The son of a retired Army colonel became the 46th "Wolf" here today in front of Wolf Pack Airmen and various community and military leaders from the Republic of Korea and the United States. Col. Charles "Wolf" Brown assumed command of the 8th Fighter Wing during a change of command at Hanger 3 presided by Lt. Gen. Stephen Wood, 7th Air Force
  • Recognition program highlights ‘Diamond Sharp’ Airmen

    The Osan First Sergeant Council recently initiated the "Diamond Sharp" program to recognize enlisted members in the grade of airman basic through technical sergeant. This program allows first sergeants a way to give "on-the-spot" recognition to Team Osan members whose actions make them stand out. Through the program, first sergeants recognize
  • Team Osan cleans-up local river

    For the Annual Jin-wi River Clean-up, members of Team Osan, along with the Republic of Korea and Osan branches of the Red Cross, joined forces to pick up trash both along the banks of the river as well as in the water itself. "The goal was to get involved with the local Korean Red Cross who have been cleaning the Jin-wi River, which is next to Osan
  • Heritage tailflash connects fighter wing to past

    In medieval times, knights and royal families used heraldic symbols to identify themselves and remember their heritage. With modern military traditions connected to that time of chivalry and honor, it's no wonder the 51st Fighter Wing is bringing back a symbol that promotes its heritage. In December 2006, the 51st Maintenance Squadron corrosion
  • 'Cobra' always ready to strike

    They've been in every major conflict in the Pacific for 60 years, work through base exercises until every last jet is on the ground and control all U.S. assets in the Republic of Korea - but in "Cobra Country," it's business as usual. But what exactly does the business of the 621st Air Control Squadron entail? "We ensure the safety of flight, and
  • Airmen live, learn warrior ethos

    Airmen going through basic training are focusing on living and learning what it means to be combat-ready. This education centers on Air Force warrior ethos -- strengthening an Airman's mind, body and spirit. "The warrior ethos has always been a part of an Airman's character, but some people may have lost sight of it," said Air Force Chief of Staff
  • New security measures added to MyPay system

    A new security feature has been added to protect myPay customers' data on the pay account system. As part of an on-going commitment to strengthen password and account security, the Defense Finance and Accounting Service has implemented the "virtual keyboard" to assist in protecting against malicious software such as spyware, trojans and keylogging.